I was interning with the IOM in Geneva and did a substantial amount of work on issues related to unaccompanied minor children. These are children who have been separated from their family members and other caregivers. UMC (Unaccompanied Minor Children) form a particularly vulnerable group and are a major programming priority for international organizations.

A part of my work on UMC required me to review the current literature available on their numbers, migration patters, protection needs etc. The sheer volume of the literature overwhelmed me. With hundreds of thousands of children identified as UMC by international organizations, services need to ramped up to support them.

I was bother by the idea that we have led our world to come to a place where children need to grow up alone, separated from families due to wars, violence, climate change migration etc. The following poem captures some of my responses to this issue.

Us and our first world problems
Getting upset over the food not being delivered on time
Of assignments to work on
Deadlines to meet

When there are kids moving around the world
All alone
With no one to call their own
No one to call home

It breaks my heart to see this kind of programming for UMC (unaccompanied minor
The sheer amount of resources concerning UMC movements and protection
Guidance papers and documents to improve services to such vulnerable children
The amount of structurally organized labour
Multiple teams within organizations working on this issue

For a problem that shouldn’t exist right
There shouldn’t be so many documents focusing on family tracing, reintegration,
unaccompanied children support 
Because this should have never happened in the first place
We should have never let these kids come to a position where they are all alone
We should have never waged all those unnecessary wars
Never been so blinded by fascist ideas that lead to young innocent children becoming
The world should have never come to this

Where children have to grow up alone in fear
Running away from their homes
Getting separated from family
Crossing international borders, fleeing for their life and safety
Many having seen violence they were too young to endure

They deserve better
A Better world, a more empathetic world
A world they can call their own 
With people they can call their own

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