The City of Geneva

For a girl who spent most of her adult life in India, coming and studying in the US was a welcome opportunity to experience another culture and learn from varied experiences. I tried pushing this learning further by deciding to spend one half of my summer in Europe. And so it was decided, Geneva will be my home for May and June 2019.

The city is exquisite and offers a variety of opportunities to understand international relations and diplomacy. Home to headquarters of some major UN organizations, there is a distinct international, multicultural and inclusive flavor to Geneva.

This can be seen in the day to day hustle of the city, with most people moving around with blue colored UN badges belonging to IOM, WHO, ILO etc. Summer is an exciting time to be in the city as interns from all over the world come to work for various multilateral in Geneva. There are loads of fun activities organized during the summer around the famous Geneva lake as also the UN beach, yeah, there is a UN beach in Geneva!

The food in the city if worth dying for. There are multiple restaurants and food trucks near the lake that offer international cuisines ranging from South East Asian to Middle Eastern to European cuisines. Being bordered by France, there is significant influence of French culture in Geneva in terms of food as well as language. So if you’re looking for an opportunity to eat some croissants as well as immerse yourself in the beautiful French language while being in a metropolitan international city, then Geneva is the way to go!

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