Deep Sea Diving

Living in Geneva gave me the opportunity to explore Europe over the weekends. I have always enjoyed adventure sports and used this opportunity to try my hand at deep sea diving. I flew to the island nation of Malta to check this off my bucket list. (Fun fact – Malta is the place where multiple episodes of Game of Thrones were shot. Malta was essentially ‘King’s Landing’ for all you GoT fans!)

Scuba diving was a divine experience for me. It started with a mild panic attack when my instructor explained that the pressure exerted underwater could rupture my lungs if I didn’t breathe properly. However, a couple of underwater exercises and training sessions later, I felt comfortable enough to take my chances – phew!

The very experience of being underwater and having to use machines to perform a task as basic as breathing was surreal to me. I could feel each and every breath that I took. I could feel the adrenaline and basic instinct for survival in my body.

Once I got used to living like a fish (hehe), the views were stunning. It seemed like a whole new world had opened up to me. It was a visual treat to see colors and movements of fishes, plants and other underwater creatures.

Having done sky diving, river rafting, rock climbing and multiple other adventure sports in life, I can comfortably rank deep sea diving as my favorite. For all you water babies out there, this is an experience that I would highly recommend!

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