Europe – A photo blog

As I have mentioned before, Geneva is centrally located and gives the opportunity to travel to multiple European cities over the weekend. I took full advantage of this situation and travelled to Amsterdam, Malta, Paris, Rome and the Vatican City. I thought of using this post as a photo blog to show you the beauty and experiences that Eupope has to offer!

Walking around the canals in Amsterdam and eating European foods! (Fun fact – the canals in Amsterdam have been designated as UNESCO world heritage sites.)

Enjoying the beautiful island nation of Malta. If you are even in the country, do not forget to try their famous Pastizzis!

The quintessential picture of the Eiffel Tower from my trip to Paris!

I am happy to report that the repair work on the Notre Dame is underway and the building seems to have held up well after the unfortunate fire.

The beautiful ruins in Rome!

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel featuring the iconic ‘Creation of Adam’ painting.

And we end with a picture from the women’s march in Geneva!

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